Meet Riff Analytics: The company using analytics to teach us how to communicate more effectively

Interview with Beth Porter, Founder and CEO of Riff Analytics

Riff Analytics uses real-time feedback to help small groups learn how to work together online. Learning providers integrate Riff into online courses to create meaningful opportunities for peer interaction and collaboration.

We have a small number of Enterprise customers. We’re in the process of we’re pivoting away from heavy reliance on consulting revenue and focusing on building repeatable revenue from our SaaS platform; so we expect our focus and customer base to shift over time as well.

The inspiration was delivering our own courses online and wanting high-impact peer learning that mimics the way people work. The platform was developed to foster small group meetings and measure interactions so people can learn how to work more effectively together. The name Riff comes from music… when you “riff” with another musician, you use subtle cues to learn how to come into harmony and balance with other members of the band. Riff uses this same idea to help small groups learn how to work better together online.

We create tools and feedback loops that foster meaningful engagement of individuals and small groups when learning and working together online.

Using proprietary video and text chat applications integrated with online learning experiences, we make it easy for small groups to meet and collaborate while taking courses together. The Riff Platform metrics and real-time feedback help people stay engaged and develop trusting small group interactions that make individuals and teams more successful.

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Learn more about Riff Analytics on their website Also follow them on Twitter @RiffAnalytics.

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