Meet the Five Edtech Companies Selected for the Next LearnLaunch Accelerator Program

We’re proud to announce our next cohort! Join us in welcoming: Immersed Games, Jobspeaker, Peerceptiv, Riff Analytics, and Each of these companies is tackling key educational challenges including: remote team training, peer assessments, digital music education, gamified learning, and tools to bridge education, employment and beyond.

Each company will participate in a remote program through the summer with in person modules slated for the fall. Using our unique mix of venture partners, mentors, curriculum, and milestone-based funding, these companies will focus on identifying key product market fit challenges, problem-solving through customer discovery, and then re-packaging their offering to prepare for scale.

Now it’s time to meet the companies!

Jobspeaker is bridging the skills gap between Education and Employment for the skills based economy. Working mainly with Community College and regional partners (K-12, Workforce and CBOs) their CRM platform helps align a community, regional, and state workforce system to achieve, monitor, and report on better outcomes for all. Jobspeaker’s Mobile-First online collaborative platform engages students through career preparation, guided pathways, job search, WBL, events and into employment. Jobspeaker builds a Skills TranscriptTM for each student based on their education thus enabling jobseekers to attract the right employers. Learn more here

Peerceptiv infinitely scales learning through peer assessment and collaboration. Peerceptiv enable schools and organizations to assign writing and other evidence-based assessment in a cost-effective way, with the scalability of multiple choice and the validity of expert-driven assessment. Developed over a dozen years of research at the University of Pittsburgh, Peerceptiv saves instructors time and improves learning outcomes in classrooms around the world. The AI-driven algorithms motivate peers to apply themselves in any learning environment ― in the classroom or online, and regardless of the number of learners enrolled. Data shows that active learner engagement improves completion rates while building the critical thinking and other 21st century skills essential for success. Learn more here

Immersed Games is harnessing the engaging power of video games to create a hands-on experiential learning platform. Their flagship product, Tyto Online, is a video game for middle school students to learn science content and skills — designed for the new science standards that are being implemented across the country. The student experience includes activities like building complex ecosystems from scratch to learn ecology or working with a botanist to solve a food shortage as they learn genetics. They have received grants from the Dept. of Education and National Science Foundation, and were named a Top Pick for Learning by Common Sense Education. Learn more here

Riff Analytics uses vocal data to model human interactions during video meetings and in text chats. This data shows how individuals and teams interact when they collaborate on shared tasks. Riff Metrics gives insights on engagement, dominance, influence, interruption, and flow. Over time, people become more aware of their impact on others in team settings and use Riff feedback to change their behaviors and become better contributors. Learn more here uses hit songs and an AI chatbot to excite students about learning music, simplify teaching in schools, and inspire practicing at home. Their mission is to democratize access to learning music by leveraging an affordable digital music technology that helps teachers engage students in class and inspire practicing at home. Learn more here

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